Compostable flagging tape

Beacon tape – ecological

Standard or customized – white and red – black and yellow

100% biodegradable and compostable of certified plant origin

  • Compostable bags are made from plant starch. They do not generate microplastics or toxic residues. They biodegrade biologically, producing carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds and biomass, without leaving toxic residues, becoming compost.
  • The inks used in the personalization of the ribbons are water-soluble, with no chemical additives harmful to the environment.
  • Uses: temporary construction site signage – sporting events – for companies, public administration.
  • Customize your tape
    • Corporate image of your company.
    • 1 ink printing.
    • 8 cm wide, 250 meter roll

Medidas: 8 cm ancho x 250 m largo

Peso bobina. 1,2 kg

Galga: 160

Colores estándar: rojo y blanco – negro y amarillo

Material: Almidón vegetal PLA

Tinta: Ecológica soluble al agua