Dog bags

Certified sustainable material of plant origin

Wholesale product for companies

  • Dog bags – biodegradable and compostable.
  • Certified sustainable material of plant origin
  • Manufactured in Spain, quality and risk-free supply.
  • Dark green color.
  • Resistant.
  • Pre-cut rolls for easy separation, suitable for dispensers.
  • Arranged in boxes of 16 cases designed for placement on shelves.
  • Mandrel of cardboard.
  • Manufactured according to EU13432 standard that regulates compostable materials, OK INDUSTRIAL COMPOST certified.

Producto Tamaño Galga Color Impresión Disposición rollos Presentación cajas
Bolsa heces canina compostable 20 x 30 60 Verde oscuro Imagen de huellas de perro + material compostable100% de origen vegetal + sello con certificado ok industrial compost. -Cada caja contiene 16 estuches.- Cada estuche contiene 10 rollos. - Cada rollo contiene 15 bolsas Preparada para lineal con precorte.