Flow Pack food packaging film

Certified biodegradable and compostable material

Environmentally friendly packaging that replaces polypropylene

An environmentally friendly solution to food packaging

  • T18 film is a transparent material that mimics polypropylene and can be processed on conventional flow pack equipment and heat seal machines.
  • Designed to provide an environmentally friendly solution for packaging fresh, dry or dehydrated foods that do not require a vacuum or controlled atmosphere (MAP).
  • Allows freezing.
  • Manufactured in Spain in accordance with EU regulations regarding food contact materials and good manufacturing practices.
  • Different coil widths, formats and thicknesses, as well as micro and macro perforation.
  • Ecological, manufactured from PLA material of plant origin in accordance with the UNE EU:13432 standard that regulates the characteristics of products that are revalued in compost.
  • Coherent in the field of circular economy as it is made in a layer of the same 100% compostable material.