Compostable flagging tape

Biodegradable marking tape

Printable and customized flagging tape

Compostable and Recycled

Made in Europe – TuvAustria

The biodegradable marking tapes are compostable and of certified vegetable origin: vegetable starch.
The inks we use are therefore water-soluble without harmful chemicals.

Customised marking tape:

  • Corporate image
  • 1 ink printing
  • C24C28 cm wide, 250 metre reel

Most common uses:

  • Site marking tape
  • Sporting events
  • For companies
  • Public administration

Medidas: 8 cm ancho x 250 m largo

Peso bobina. 1,2 kg

Galga: 160

Colores estándar: rojo y blanco – negro y amarillo

Material: Almidón vegetal PLA

Tinta: Ecológica soluble al agua