Black film for pests

Invasive species

Organic farming and agriculture

  • Made from compostable biopolymers and designed primarily for the treatment of Pampas Feather duster.
    It is also valid for other invasive species, organic farming and agriculture.
  • Once the compostable film is in place, it lasts for 2 years without losing mechanical properties, then it starts its degradation process without generating microplastics or toxic residues, until it becomes compost.
  • Same mechanical properties and performance as traditional polyethylene, but with the advantage that this bioplastic does not pollute.
    It reduces labour costs by eliminating the removal and management of conventional plastic. With this product the method for its final disposal is as simple as burying it in the same crop or garden.
REF Presentation Micron cm wide Long Weight kg Estimated time of use *
14150G200 Folded sheet 50 140 150 15 24 months
19110G200 Folded sheet 50 190 110 15 24 months

* The duration range will depend on the climatic conditions, after which the film will start to degrade and lose its mechanical properties.