Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

Compostable Dog bags

Made in europe with TuvAustria

These biodegradable dog bags are made with certified compostable raw materials and ink. Biopolymers do not generate micro plastics, nor toxic waste in their degradation process, so this product does not pollute, they are sustainable.

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Made according to European standard EU 13432, which regulates the requirements for compostable bags. TUV Austria quality certificate”.

Producto Tamaño Galga Color Impresión Disposición rollos Presentación cajas
Bolsa heces canina compostable 20 x 30 60 Verde oscuro Imagen de huellas de perro + material compostable100% de origen vegetal + sello con certificado ok industrial compost. -Cada caja contiene 16 estuches.- Cada estuche contiene 10 rollos. - Cada rollo contiene 15 bolsas Preparada para lineal con precorte.